A Taste of Hot Honey Turns Into A Taste of Crack

March 4, 2015 1 431 Food, Local Business, News

Although people were briefly saddened when it was announced that the Sriracha factory would have to close down, the condiment had already hit peak chicness by the time this happened anyway. So when the factory returned to fully functioning status, no one really gave a fuck because they were already searching for the next “hot” condiment–hot honey.

Lightly drizzled over a piece o' pizza

Lightly drizzled over a piece o’ pizza

The creator of the product, Bee’s Sleaze, took a moment to explain to The Burning Bush what makes her spicy elixir so alluring. Honey Badger, who once taught a beekeeping class at 4th Ward that had to be cancelled due to runaway killer bees, seemed serene as she sat down with us at Roberta’s and doused her Lamb of God pizza with Bee’s Sleaze to spice it up. Let it be known that Badger invented the condiment one night while craving “something more” on her pizza as she sat down to watch a re-run of Gossip Girl in her apartment at Coagulate. “After the beekeeping class got cancelled, there was a period in my life where it felt like I was always on my period. I wanted to murder everyone. ‘How dare they?’ I thought. Doesn’t anyone get it? Like doesn’t anyone fucking get it? And that’s when I knew I had to make them get it. With Bee’s Sleaze.”

Bottle o' Bee's Sleaze

Bottle o’ Bee’s Sleaze

When we asked Badger what, exactly, she wanted to make people get, she shrugged, “Bees. Honey. Flavor. Art.” And get it we do, as most Bushwickians won’t take a bite out of anything without first peppering their cuisine with Bee’s Sleaze. What’s in it you ask? Badger confirmed, “Bee vomit, tree bark, broken honeycomb pieces (I get a lot of satisfaction out of tearing apart a queen’s hive) and a chili pepper.” 

Written by Genna Rivieccio


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