Airbnb Banned in Bushwick

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Now that the attorney general of New York has little else to do to improve its chief metropolis other than by cracking down on the way Airbnb is used, it would appear Bushwick is going to bear a large brunt of the ramifications. Considering there’s only one lonely hostel in the Bushwick area, it makes sense that many foreigners rely heavily on Airbnb when they infiltrate the neighborhood.

You can no longer rent out this cage in Bushwick

You can no longer rent out this cage in Bushwick

And so, with the attorney general and mayor breathing down its neck, Airbnb has removed Bushwick from its website as a stayable location to rent out rooms. A spokesperson for the company, Morton Bedbug, waxed poetic to The Burning Bush, “The sun has set on our time renting out nightly ramshackles for various sexual and/or drug-related activities. It’s a shame, really. Bushwick is one of the best, most lucrative places for both of those things.”

Even Airbnb's new logo couldn't placate the attorney general

Even Airbnb’s new logo couldn’t placate the attorney general

Many landlords and tenants have expressed outrage over what seems like a direct attack on a Bushwickian’s ability to remain non-conventionally employed a.k.a. technically unemployed. “How am I supposed to make money now? I was making 600 a week renting out my bathroom. Now it’s like Airbnb is forcing me to put on a tie and dance, monkey, dance,” complained local man William Layzee. Layzee’s comment is representative of many Bushwickians who have now lost their livelihood, as well as many landlords who must now rent on a long-term basis (a quaint notion indeed).
Written by Genna Rivieccio

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