Another Bar, Hellacious Times, Opens In Ridgewood, Offers “Mid-Century” Theme

June 15, 2015 3 1419 Bars, Local Business

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Bushwick’s upsurpment by Ridgewood after the DIY venue race was won, another bar (with a theme no less!) comes along. Hellacious Times, which will be owned and operated by Midwestern ilk–they’re the only ones left in NYC after all–is set to open on the soon to be very populated Woodbine Street.

Mock-up of what the bar will look like

Mock-up of what the bar will look like

With its nestled location in between the Myrtle-Wyckoff L/M and Seneca M, the bar/”chill space” is designed for the wayward non-worker. “We understand that most of our patrons are not going to be of the high-income sort,” stated co-owner Hannah Downhome, a 26-year-old from Normal, Illinois. “If you’re choosing to live in Ridgewood, it’s probably because you’re poor and can’t afford any part of North Brooklyn. That’s why Shawna and I are here to help,” concluded Downhome.

Anyone who enters Hellacious Times will automatically go "Pleasantville"

Anyone who enters Hellacious Times will automatically go “Pleasantville”

Shawna is Shawna Wisconsin, Downhome’s partner in the enterprise. When asked if Wisconsin was worried about the effects an elegant dive bar would have on the ever-increasing rent prices of Ridgewood, Wisconsin noted, “We’re not to blame here. If you wanna blame a bar for causing people to ‘catch on’ to Ridgewood, look to someplace like Lecken der Bier or Onderdonk & Son. We’re just finishing what they started.” So whether you like it or not, a 60s-inspired poetry lounge with art deco lamps and a bar attached to it all is headed your way. But be warned, all who enter will turn black and white à la Pleasantville. Hence the name Hellacious Times.

Written by Genna Rivieccio