Apathy Pandemic at Tina’s

April 1, 2014 4 989 Local Business

It’s no secret that no one gives a shit about working at Tina’s. And maybe that’s in part because most of the patrons who visit the establishment are either drunk or stoned out of their minds. With clientele like this, why should any of the servers at the famously inexpensive restaurant bother to engage in that old adage “service with a smile”?

The oppressive building in question.

The oppressive building in question.

One employee, Armando Salvador, was quoted as saying, “I look at these kids. I see what they tip, and then I spit in their coffee when they order another cup.” All in all, it’s a pretty non-conducive working environment. You won’t find much in the way of “aspiring artists” here. Another server, who refused to be identified, noted, “All I dream about is quitting, or at least watching¬†one of these goddamn hipsters choke on their omelet.” Whether or not management seeks to improve morale remains a mystery, but it looks like the workers at Tina’s have resigned themselves to their fate–very much like Sisyphus (if he had worked in the food industry).

Photo Credit: NY Daily News, Google Plus

Written by Genna Rivieccio