Art Bitch Spreads to Manhattan

January 12, 2018 0 121 Art

Just when you thought the Manhattan “art world” still had any semblance of taste in choosing to curate what their denizens were forced to consume, they go and allow the odious Art Bitch entry into their echelons. If you (still) live in Bushwick, you’ve already been subjected to the truly base and faux political “designs”/”street art” of Art Bitch.

Okay, um, lovely…buzz words to infect the city with

The “anonymous” identity of Laura Rosenthal–who changed her name after escaping from the Orthodox Jewish community–quickly became well-known when she was able to miraculously publicize a Kickstarter to fund whatever her “latest project” might be, usually something that includes a reference to being transgender (though she herself is not), having periods or otherwise the “signature” girl she always draws, clownish in nature and kind of a rip off of the clown artwork by Misty (Clea DuVall) from She’s All That (see below).

Just what Manhattan wants to see

Evidently, however, Rosenthal never saw that movie while enmeshed in the world of Orthodox Judaism. Claiming her rather hackneyed art as something to be proud of, Rosenthal has declared, “If I’ve affected one person, I am doing a good job.” Oh she’s affected some people all right. Likely the uppity women walking near Fifth Avenue that didn’t expect their shopping excursion to include such crude, faux political art.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

Blatantly ripped off–even though John Wayne Gacy really did it first


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