Artisanal Pop Tart Restaurant Opening Next to Altered Imagez

September 30, 2014 6 1292 Food, Local Business, News

If alcohol intake is any indication, it’s no secret that Bushwickians love sweet treats. Enter our old favorite, Ursula Mousse, owner of Altered Imagez and Wrecking Ball Titties Inc., who is once again here for us to capitalize on our every epicurean whim and desire. 

Assortment of artisanal pop tarts: $21.00 each

Assortment of artisanal pop tarts: $21.00 each

After smoking a blunt for image cake inspiration one day, Mousse had an unshakeable craving for a Pop Tart, but not the kind already in existence. She wanted something better, something more… artisanal. So she set herself to work for five days straight, experimenting with various concoctions and flavors, finally emerging from her butter pat-sized kitchen covered in flour and dough flakes with a triumphant smile. She had created the end all, be all artisanal pop tart. 

These aren't your ordinary rainbow sprinkled pop tarts

These aren’t your ordinary rainbow sprinkled pop tarts

The Burning Bush had a chance to speak with Mousse in between her shopping for more ingredients and hatching a plan to open up a storefront right next to Altered Imagez on Stanhope. Mousse chirped, “I feel like I’ve really outdone myself this time. People are finally going to take notice of my culinary genius.” It’s true that Mousse has pioneered the filling scene for pop tarts, with such delicacies as “Sushi-Filled Dream,” “Rando Sprinkles,” “Ganja Ganache,” “Candy Grab Bag” and “Mighty Meaty.” The store is expected to open next month, but in the meantime, you can pick up an individual pastry for $21.00 at Mousse’s other Bushwick outposts. 

Written by Genna Rivieccio