Artisanal Sock Shoppe Coming to Bushwick

March 28, 2014 1 1067 Gentrification, Local Business, News

L1020984Rumors of an artisanal sock shoppe have surfaced in the Bushwick grapevine. Sultry Socking, a concept invented by artist Matilde Grenadi, has the neighborhood in an upheaval and residents are torn on the idea of having the shoppe be a part of their community. While the pieces for sale are merely chopped up hunks of cheap, mainstream brand socks sewn back together to form new socks, Grenadi stands by her “art,” stating that the socks she sells are worth every penny. (Prices for Sultry Socks run from $458-$1,100 each.) “The socks I create are a reflection ‘consumerism.’ What is it to be a ‘consumer?’ We are all consumers and we all wear socks.. especially in the winter.”

The first step of Grenadi's painstaking process...

The first step of Grenadi’s painstaking process…

Bushwickians are claiming to be in a state of trepidation for what this may mean for their neighborhood and if having a fancy sock store could mean gentrification for a sector of starving artists. However, pre-sale orders for the socks are telling a different story. Sultry Socking had sold out of all pre-sale stock within the first week. Sultry Socking is set to have their grand opening on May 1st.

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