At Last Glasslands Rises From the Ashes of Williamsburg As Diamondlands in Bushwick

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For those who have managed to stick around long enough (you know, the white ones who moved here before 2010 and are therefore allowed to have an opinion), chances are, you went to Glasslands “in your day.” Whether it was for the defunct Williamsburg Fashion Weekend or a DIY show, Glasslands provided many an artist with a space for expression.

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend was one of many events hosted by Glasslands in its day

When it closed, following the suit of other venues like 285 Kent and Death by Audio, the owners of Glasslands already had it in their mind to migrate to Bushwick, a neighborhood itself as at risk of suffering from the Williamsburg effect (just look at all the luxury buildings). But as owner¬†Murray Yungurlluvr told The Burning Bush, “Bushwick has a longer shelf life than Williamsburg. For starters, there’s way too many adult babies here who can’t afford to move to any other part of Brooklyn. And second, there’s no nearby body of water threatening the ‘erection’ of more condos. No, Rando’s Island doesn’t count.”

A glimpse into Diamondlands

Divided into five spaces, Rainbow Room (where “lesser known” a.k.a. shittier bands play), Kesha Room, Fun Space, Grab Bag and Rooftop, Diamondlands’ 24,000+ square feet allow for ample amounts of debauchery, which, to be honest, has kind of been missing from Bushwick ever since Wreck Room closed to become a portal into suburbia (even if 101 Wilson has made a fair attempt to replace it). And in these times of political unrest, who doesn’t need a little bit of dance floor R&R? Move over House of Maybe, Diamondlands is about to bring some competition for premier “spaces” in Bushwick.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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