Bad Art Exhibit Turns Into Crime Scene

August 8, 2014 Comments Off on Bad Art Exhibit Turns Into Crime Scene 790 News

With Bushwick as the unofficial bad art capital of the U.S. (followed closely by Texas, thanks to George W. Bush), there’s liable to be a few wounded eyes every now and again at the various art exhibits that take place here. But the latest exhibit transitioned toward a macabre direction not only because of the strict no alcohol policy, but also because of how particularly visually accosting the artwork was. The show, put on by newcomer Laura Grandiose, a 21-year-old from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, featured a series of her paintings, created in the “found art” style. 

The artwork in question, entitled "Myriad Bullshit," caused many bystanders' eye sockets to spontaneously sear

The artwork in question, entitled “Myriad Bullshit,” caused many bystanders’ eye sockets to spontaneously sear

Grandiose enticed people to come to the exhibit without wine by offering coke bag party favors instead. However, the combination of this drug with the sight of the art made everyone in attendance more alert and aware than they wanted to be. One attendee, Marco Cyclops, told The Burning Bush, “No amount of free cocaine is worth losing sight in one eye. I wish I had known what I was getting into. I may never be able to appreciate art again.” Most of the other attendees are still in critical condition at Woodhull. When The Burning Bush tried to reach Grandiose for comment, we found that her phone had been disconnected. Her roommate, Jillian Swiftboater, informed us that she left Bushwick abruptly without paying her last month’s rent. We’re guessing we’ll soon know of her whereabouts when another series of people are blinded at an art show. 

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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