Banksy Changes Already Unknown Identity to Mask the Shame of Bushwick Building Featuring His Art As Gimmick

May 11, 2017 0 166 News

Banksy, already perhaps the only anonymous famous person able to sustain said anonymity in the privacy-free twenty-first century, has actually managed to feel shame and embarrassment in spite of being unknown in the wake of one Bushwick apartment building’s decision to use his artwork as the basis of their sales pitch of “hipness.”

You, too, can be hip–by living among jank renderings of Banksy art

After Banksy was tipped off to the motif of the building by a British friend of his who happened to sublet one of the properties at 1207 Broadway (located off the Kosciuszko J, which obviously makes it even hipper since no one can even pronounce that word no matter how long they live here), he immediately changed identities.

So Banksy

A spokesperson for —–, as he is temporarily to be referred to, stated, “—– can’t have their name associated with the grafting of fake edge in a neighborhood that embodies everything he stands against.” At the moment, no one is sure what to do with his as of yet unknown name, or even what to do with the newly discarded old name. All that can be said is that the value of the fake artwork in 1207 Broadway is only going to increase, along with the cachet of the building itself–because everyone loves a scandal. In the meantime, we’re probably going to hear a lot more of this variation of Commonly Overheard in Bushwick.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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