Bathroom Decor Trend: Using an Empty Sriracha Bottle As a Soap Dispenser

September 18, 2014 1 1731 Food, News, Shopping

Along with futurist furniture, handwritten menus and allover Macaulay Culkin prints, Bushwickians have now added another “offbeat,” “quirky” trend to their arsenal: using a Sriracha bottle as a soap dispenser. 

The million dollar idea at work

The million dollar idea at work

The innovator of the trend, Cameron Spyce, a 20-year-old weed delivery service guy, came up with the idea for it while smoking a blunt with one of his customers. Apparently, Spyce’s customer, Reese Unsanitarian, was lamenting over the fact that her soap dispenser from Ikea had recently broke and she couldn’t clean her hands anymore. Spyce evidently noticed a nearly empty Sriracha bottle out of the corner of his eye, put the rest of it on the slice of pizza he was eating and then went into the bathroom to redistribute the soap. The idea caught on so quickly that Spyce has quit weed dealing to join forces with local candlemaker Psy Ko to brand an entire line of soap dispensers with custom “Bushwick” phrases and words (like “Bushwick”) on the sides. Buying outposts include Urban Outfitters and Forever 21, with prices for the simplest design starting at $21.95.

Written by Genna Rivieccio


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