Beacon’s and Mary Meyer to Merge into H&M-Like Thrift Store Conglomerate

June 10, 2014 15 2778 bushwick, Local Business, News

If you’re wondering why Beacon’s Closet just opened up near Tutu’s, it’s because of the proximity to Bushwick’s sole “designer” outpost, Mary Meyer. Apparently, Beacon and Mary have been in talks to merge ever since Beacon’s Closet was ousted from its Williamsburg building by VICE.

Clothing mass

Clothing mass

The owner of Beacon’s, Beacon Nebbish, told The Burning Bush, “We saw an opportunity in having a Bushwick storefront. We want to help Mary Meyer expand by absorbing it entirely.” Meyer, whose store has long been one of the focal points of the Morgan stop, did not seem quite as enthusiastic about the merger. “So I guess my clothes will be sold, um, next to used ones. It’s going to be…great.”

Beacon's original location in Wburg

Beacon’s original location in Wburg

Nebbish’s ultimate goal is to have two separate sections in the Beacon’s Closet stores–which will be re-named to Beacon & Mary’s Closet (they thought Beacon Meyer’s Closet was too akin to Oscar Meyer). One section will promote used (presumably crusty) hipster clothing and the other will exclusively showcase Mary Meyer’s designs. And so, until the real H&M comes to Bushwick, this conglomerate will have to suffice.

Written by Genna Rivieccio