Best Places to Have a Seance in Bushwick

April 12, 2014 2 1805 Existential Dilemmas

Having a seance is fairly essential to warding off the bad sentiments of various social circles who would rather see you dead than Bushwick famous. That’s why finding the perfect setting to hold a seance every now and again when you feel like your cachet is dwindling is extremely important to your safety. Below are some key places with the ideal energy for a little spiritual purge.

Maria Hernandez Park: Obviously, the first choice for any novice to the seance scene. The dead souls of gang members and murdered white kids make conjuring a cinch.

Bathroom at Just in Time: If you can manage to go into Just in Time (located right underneath the M Train off Central–but who knows? It could be closed.) when it’s actually open, you’ve already accomplished a supernatural feat.

The Burger King off Knickerbocker: Late nights when this location is empty save for a few drunkards or crazies, you’ll find a great space to spread out your seance materials.

Picture having your very own seance in this beautiful, Pulp Fiction like locale

Picture having your very own seance in this beautiful, Pulp Fiction like locale

Heckscher Playground: The vibe between Central and Wilson Avenue is bound to get you at least an eighth of a spiritual cleanse.

Hope Ballfield: Most of the baseball games that take place here feature ghost players.

Any building that has had a business forced out by increased rent: The residual anger of owners and employees who have been ousted by issues of money creates a hotbed for the metaphysical. You’ll find plenty of buildings like this in the Bushwick area.


The back of a Boar’s Head truck off Morgan: Just think of all those tortured animal souls you can use to your advantage.



Written by Genna Rivieccio