“Bizarre” New Movie About Bushwick to Lend a Foreigner’s Perspective On Neighborhood

February 8, 2015 4 2732 News

Bizarre, a bar that has always had a penchant for the mildly disturbing, has continued its trend in promoting the lurid with a surreal new film set against the backdrop of Bushwick. With no discernible plot other than a lot of flexibility, weird music and plenty of fast cuts to the bar’s ghoulish logo, it’s hard to tell exactly what filmmaker Guillaume D’Attention is aiming to express through the language of the lens.

One of the many "bizarre" scenes from Bizarre

One of the many “bizarre” scenes from Bizarre

Following the tale of a fresh off the boat Frenchie named Louic, le film offers a “documentary-like” perspective on one’s sexual awakening in Bushwick upon first moving here. This entails many promotional shots of the bar’s interior, as well as the various burlesque shows and other performances that take place in the den of iniquity. One imagines that D’Attention, who also wrote and produced the movie, was attempting, like so many others, to lend a realistic perspective to what life in the area is like. But it seems more like an excuse to get some actors together and have them rub up against each other and attempt to display their petty dramas.

Still from the film

Still from the film

If anything, however, the film, called simply Les Drunks, will offer Bushwickians a funhouse mirror in which to look at themselves based on how outsiders really see them and their daily (night)life. Les Drunks is expected to be out in local theaters (Nitehawk and Williamsburg Cinema, which is somewhat traitorous to Bushwick, let’s be honest) at the end of the month. D’Attention noted, “I imagine I’ll make back all my money and then some. The budget was paying the actors in drinks and free shows.” Get a slice of cinematic Bushwick life from the vantage point of an outsider when you check out an exclusive screening at the bar itself this Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Written by Genna Rivieccio