Björk Visits Bushwick, Mistaking Its Cold Weather and “Chill Vibes” For Iceland

February 6, 2015 4 3550 Celebrity Infiltration, News

Björk may appear to have the impenetrable exterior of someone who would hang out in Williamsburg or Meatpacking, but the accidental pull of Bushwick beckoned to her earlier this week when she found herself at Arctic Circle, a new Iceland-themed bar that deals in Reyka vodkas with specialty infusions.

Bjork has always functioned best in colder climes

Bjork has always functioned best in colder climes

With the weather being what it is at the moment, Björk felt naturally in her element as she walked (elevated from the ground because she’s too ethereal for her feet to touch the pavement) off the Montrose L train stop and felt the inexplicable draw of Arctic Circle. Not surprisingly, the owner of the bar, Ástbjartur Önnudóttir, never expected that Iceland’s number one star–whose image he peppered an entire corner of the establishment’s walls with–would walk into his life so organically.

Björk enjoying the cuisine at Arctic Circle

Bjork enjoying the cuisine at Arctic Circle

The Burning Bush spoke with Önnudóttir (Björk’s rep specifically stated nothing), who gave us a play by play of what she was wearing and what she ordered, noting, “She was dressed in a body glove-like black sweater with some sort of glistening effect on it. When I asked her what she wanted to drink, she spit on her hand and licked it. I knew immediately that she wanted a jicama-infused Reyka with squid-ink pasta (my grandparents were Italian so I have to showcase that part of myself somewhat). The rest of the night she just sat there artistically consuming her food. It was positively magical to watch.”

Bjork's drink

Bjork’s drink

It’s likely this won’t be the last Bushwick sees of Björk, though she may not repeat visiting Arctic Circle anytime soon since she’s already set its popularity on fire. Keep a look out for any sightings, lest we lose track of another official addition to the gaggle of celebrities that gravitate to the area.

Written by Genna Rivieccio