Bodega Avocado Attacks Spread to Bushwick

June 19, 2017 Comments Off on Bodega Avocado Attacks Spread to Bushwick 251 News

Just when you thought it was safe to walk into a bodega again after the recent fears of doing so from a brutal avocado pelting that took place in the Bronx, it seems that another incident with a far less impressive trajectory occurred at Brooklyn’s Natural yesterday, with another run-by fruiting happening at L-Mo’s this morning as well.

A run-by fruiting

The unexpected attack comes on the heels of an avocado lust and scarcity that can only be described by the recent theft of $300,000 worth of the prized green superfood. With everyone so intent and obsessed with the rarity, this onslaught can only be classified as the ultimate in wastefulness.

Culprits unknown

At the moment, it’s still currently unknown whether or not the culprits of the gruesome (and extremely messy) attack are the same ones who struck in the Bronx, but considering that Food Story was miraculously unaffected in the rash of fruitings, The Burning Bush suspects foul play of a competitive nature. And nothing is quite a slap in the face to the competition like the hard pit of an avocado.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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