Bourdamned: I Blame Anthony Bourdain for the Increasing Prices at the Tortilla Factory

March 28, 2014 3 2844 Gentrification, Local Business

It has been close to five years since the well known and praised food adventurer, Anthony Bourdain took on the cuisine of a part of Brooklyn in which he then called, “uninviting.”

Does this look like a man you can trust?

Does this look like a man you can trust?

This uninviting street is what you and your friends may know as Starr Street and in the year 2014 people are more than willing to spend a great deal of their hard earned cash just to live in a close proximity. Not only are people coughing up more for housing, but the residents of Bushwick seem to have no qualms about forking over more for their bite. Living under the guise of a still quite cheap Mexican joint, Los Hermanos has been slowly, but surely raising the prices of your treasured tacos. For this, we blame Bourdain.

Perhaps he knows not what he does, but there is a good chance that Anthony Bourdain is reaping monetary gain.. Because we all know that it is just a matter of time before Los Hermanos becomes the full fledged Mexican equivalent to Roberta’s (featured in No Reservations in 2012). Also, is Anthony’s “compadre,” chef Carlos Llaguno even Mexican? Why are we even listening to him? We, at the Burning Bush, believe that Carlos Llaguno is one hundred percent Puerto Rican and that he actually grew up in the Bushwick area. This web of lies could all be part of the facade carefully painted by Bourdain and his amigos to make you think that your neighborhood is being appreciated and recognized, when in reality it is being taken over by boundless greed. Bushwick, we are Bourdamned.