Bourgeois Presence in Bushwick Solidified by Perrier Ad Off Morgan

October 16, 2014 2 1101 Gentrification, News

While Perrier may not have the same level of yuppie cachet it did in the 80s, it will forever and always hold the stigma of being somewhat bourgeois. Thus, the recently spray painted Perrier artwork on Bogart Street just off the Morgan L is plenty of cause for alarm. There’s only so much Kings County can do to single-handedly stave off the materialistic aims of current Bushwick denizens

View of Perrier ad from across the street at 56 Bogart

View of Perrier ad from across the street at 56 Bogart

The man responsible for putting up the ad, Dorian Cellowt, bemoaned to The Burning Bush, “I didn’t want to do it. I knew what kind of message it would send about the neighborhood. But on the other hand, the money was too good and, it’s like, at this point, why even bother trying to keep the bourgeoisie out? They’re already here.” Reactions to the sign have been mixed, based on The Burning Bush standing near it for ten minutes and polling Bushwickians as they came off the train. One New York Loft Hostel stayer, D’Arcy DeLonge, exclaimed, “J’adore Perrier!,” while a commuter, Mort Sauer, balked, “What is this? A town of Patrick Batemans?” In truth, it probably is.

Written by Genna Rivieccio