Boutique Hotel Opens Inside Boutique Hotel

May 28, 2014 6 3238 Gentrification, Local Business, News

Now that boutique hotels are all the rage in Williamsburg, Bushwick is looking to one-up its more attractive rival by not only opening a boutique hotel, but also opening a boutique hotel inside of the boutique hotel. Renowned European hotel owner Seriale Rapiste spoke to The Burning Bush about his plans for this exciting new venture.

Another of Rapiste's hotels, The Ram Room, in Barcelona

Another of Rapiste’s hotels, The Ram Room, in Barcelona

“I want to give Bushwick the edge it’s been missing over Williamsburg. I want to give it something that will finally make people take it seriously.” Rapiste, known for funneling millions of dollars into boutique hotels like The Ram Room in Barcelona and Anal in Berlin, is new to the New York market. This hasn’t prevented him from expressing confidence in what he expects to be one of the most successful hotels New York City has ever seen.

Possible mock-up of "the musician's room"

Possible mock-up of “the musician’s room”

“There will be themed rooms for artists from different backgrounds. Like if you are a writer, we can give you a room with a typewriter bed frame… We’re still working out the details….” As of now, Rapiste has already poured 1.2 billion dollars into the venture. He is still hiring for positions inside the boutique hotel. But the positions for the boutique hotel itself have basically been covered. The name of this haunt is tentatively La Bouche–not to be confused with the briefly popular 90s dance group–and is set to open in Spring 2015 off Myrtle-Wyckoff.

Written by Genna Rivieccio