Britney Spears Metal Bar to Open In Place of Tandem

December 24, 2015 4 771 Bars, Music

As you know by now, Tandem–longstanding watering hole to the Bushwick hipster set pre-2012 and frequent host to the Witches of Bushwickis gone. But, just as with¬†Brooklyn Fire Proof East, something else has risen in its ashes: a Britney Spears metal bar called Toxic (which is sure to give Duff’s in Williamsburg some intense competition).

Britney Spears is pretty metal if you think about it

Britney Spears is pretty metal if you think about it

The concept behind the bar came from the owner’s friend, local death metal guitarist Gwen Pentacost, who has long been a fan of incorporating Britney Spears covers into her band’s–called Queef Queens–set list. “I told (Toxic owner) Brenda that people could really get behind a Britney Spears-themed metal bar. For one, no one will even go to a bar anymore if there isn’t a theme, and for two, people like mash-ups in their life.”

Needless to say, Brenda gathered the investment money in a pinch and will be taking over the space that was once Tandem at the beginning of 2016, complete with an entire jukebox filled with Britney Spears vs. [insert metal band name here] mixes. “I think it’s a fitting replacement for Tandem in a way. No, we’re not going to offer brunch and, yes, we’re turning that back room into a satanic shrine, but somehow, it just seems appropriate,” commented Brenda. Enter Toxic.

Written by Genna Rivieccio