Britney Spears Metal Bar, Toxic, Former Replacement of Tandem Now Replaced By Another

May 18, 2017 0 81 News

It’s hard to believe we could live in a world where a Britney Spears metal bar couldn’t thrive in the long-term, but alas, that’s just what life in the new Bushwick is like. Thus, though we thought Tandem–once the only answer to a gay bar in Bushwick–would have a long-lasting replacement to respect its legacy, it now appears that Toxic is being usurped by Mad Tropical.

Toxic couldn’t last

While the new incarnation of the space plans to make ample use of the illustrious back room area with DJs like, um, DJ Dirtyfinger and maybe even an occasional cameo from Paris Hilton, it’s going to have a tough act to follow. Working in its favor is the fact that it’s an outgrowth of Tender Trap (formerly inhabiting the space in Williamsburg where the unfortunately named Dardy Bar now is), as well as a culinary brainchild of Fauna Bonita of Fauna Williamsburg.

Flier for soft opening of Mad Tropical

And yet, not everyone can be assuaged by the promise of cauliflower tacos to go with their “party size” designer cocktails to mar the pain of losing a great bar not once, but twice in the span of less than two years. Just give us a moment to put on a Britney versus Cradle of Filth mash-up to process yet another tragic blow to the community.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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