Brooklyn Menu Generator Prompts Mass Restaurant Openings

September 4, 2015 Comments Off on Brooklyn Menu Generator Prompts Mass Restaurant Openings 569 Restaurants

After two locals were confused by the strange menu offerings of places like Okinawa and events like Taste of Bushwick, they decided to make a menu generator inspired by the absurdity of hipster culture in the food world.

The website spits out such restaurant names as The Dinsmore and The Cyrus (Miley-inspired, we assume) and offers such perfectly believable menu items as “ham crumble with beer-braised clam,” “pan-seared lamb bombs with distressed fig” and “massaged marrow.” It’s truly the hottest trend since handwritten menus.

“Now that there’s no thinking required to come up with the names or menu items of restaurants, I plan to open approximately twenty in the Bushwick area,” stated real estate mogul Horatio Fountainhead. “If you don’t need creativity to do something, then money’s all you really have to put in,” he added. This is increasingly becoming the motto and motive of most endeavors in Brooklyn.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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