Brooklyn’s Natural & L-Mo’s Have Sort of Just Been Ignoring Food Story’s Existence

June 19, 2017 0 62 Uncategorized

It’s not easy competing for people’s affections in this town–least of all when it comes to getting them to buy food from you. And why would they, when they can just order it from Amazon Hole? But somehow, L-Mo’s and Brooklyn’s Natural have managed to sustain themselves all these years even in spite of their intense rivalry. But when Food Story entered the picture last year, it was almost as though an unspoken array of raised hairs bristled on the fruits at both markets.

Food Story’s girth far outweighs both Brooklyn’s Natural and L-Mo’s

Though L-Mo’s and Brooklyn’s Natural have coasted largely on the laurels of being part of the “old neighborhood,” the co-op feel of Food Story has really been no match for either. Nonetheless, both markets have taken it upon themselves to employ the tactic that’s been good enough for Americans living in the era of Trump: sheer denial.

Like a co-op

In choosing to ignore Food Story’s very existence, it’s almost as though Brooklyn’s Natural and L-Mo’s have summoned a protective bubble around it that keeps their loyal customers from deciding to go in. “We will prevail,” commented the Brooklyn’s Natural owner. L-Mo’s proprietor, on the other hand, was slightly more mum, as he had only just been pelted with an avocado.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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