Bubble Artist Wows Passersby on Bogart Street

June 2, 2015 1 445 News

You can’t turn down a street in Bushwick without knocking into an “artist.” So what makes local bubble shape creator Benny Bulbous so different from the rest? If you must know, it’s his charisma. He’s got a way with the crowds both local and European that make them want to pour their pocket money into his porkpie hat.

Benny Bulbous, the bubble artist wowing people on Bogart Street

Benny Bulbous, the bubble artist wowing people on Bogart Street

Bulbous modestly shrugged off his popularity by saying, “I’m just doing what I love.” When asked how he came to be so gifted at making distinctive shapes out of bubbles, Bulbous stated, “I spent a lot of time wielding bubbles as a child. Plus I was an A+ geometry student in high school. I guess the two skills just combined to create the artist you see before you today.”

One of Bulbous' intense creations

One of Bulbous’ intense creations

Although Bulbous is working the streets now, it’s likely he’ll soon be snapped up by indoor venues like Silent Barn and The Living Gallery. The booking manager at Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg gushed, “We’re the first to book him for a performance. It’s going to be incredible.” So go take one last gander at Bulbous on Bogart Street before you have to start paying to see him.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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