Bushwick Arsonist Claims to Have Set Fire to Ex’s Home For Love/Left-Eye’s Memory

November 14, 2014 Comments Off on Bushwick Arsonist Claims to Have Set Fire to Ex’s Home For Love/Left-Eye’s Memory 1107 News, Relationships

The only thing stranger than love itself is the aftermath of love gone wrong. This fact was exhibited clearly by LaVonte Jalouse, a 39-year-old man who was dumped by his girlfriend of six years, Teresa Ubetch, a 29-year-old who’d had enough of waiting for Jalouse to propose. 

Ubetch's apartment in flames

Ubetch’s apartment in flames

The two had been living together in Ubetch’s apartment for about a year when Ubetch finally decided to call it quits. After kicking Jalouse out, the carpenter/janitor at Bushwick Leaders High School, went on an alcoholic bender that led him to a friend’s house who was playing the Crazy Sexy Cool album on a loop. This got Jalouse to thinking about the wisdom of Left Eye’s decision to set fire to Andre Rison’s house. The more he thought about it, the closer he got to the epiphany that he should do the same thing.

The album that inspired Jalouse

The album that inspired Jalouse

Hence, last night, at approximately 1:08 a.m., Jalouse creeped (just keeping it on the down low) up to Ubetch’s one-bedroom apartment on Wilson Avenue, waited for a neighbor to exit the building and proceeded to douse lighter fluid all throughout the hallway. Without hesitation, Jalouse used a free lighter he had gotten from Titty Tease to set the building ablaze. As he ran outside to escape the flames, he screamed, “I love you, Teresa! I’m doing this for us–and for Left Eye!”

Written by Genna Rivieccio


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