Bushwick-Based Nanny Service, Just Kids, To Offer Overtime, Parental Instruction Training

August 1, 2017 0 123 News

While compensation for the average nanny–at least the Park Slope-based one–might be more lucrative than most service industry professions in New York, the void in legitimacy with regard to being paid overtime is the most glaring affront to nannies both white and Haitian everywhere.

Not every nanny can get paid to live as lavishly as Fran

Enter Just Kids, a new Bushwick-based nanny service that, yes, is paying deliberate homage to the beloved tale of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe, progenitors of what has now become bastardized hipsterdom. The founder, Reese Pristinenipple, a 28-year-old who majored in child care management before dropping out to briefly pursue a career as a dancer in Las Vegas, told The Burning Bush, “I want to get nannying right in Bushwick–because it’s definitely not right in Park Slope.”

The book that inspired Pristinenipple’s child care service name

Getting it right includes offering parental instruction courses that will likely make Just Kids’ team of nannies far more nurturing than any biological parent could be. Course titles like “How to Gently Rock a Child to Sleep Without Using Cough Medicine” means that this army of child care specialists will perhaps lend hope to a future not totally wrought with unfeeling automatons. The storefront space for Just Kids will soon be opening on McKibbin Street, where many adult babies live already.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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