Bushwick Daily Re-Brands to Bushwick Bugle to Create Wholesome(r) Image

November 13, 2014 6 885 News

Everyone’s favorite local news source, Bushwick Daily, has decided to re-brand itself to The Bushwick Bugle, The reasoning behind the change comes at a time when many readers have been outraged by an unfavorable review written about new bar Alphaville (momentarily known as Betaville).

Early mockup of Bushwick Bugle

Early mockup of Bushwick Bugle

Generally being counted upon to put a positive spin on every single local business, no matter how blatantly shitty, readers were appalled to find traces of sarcasm and hints of vitriol in the review by Marianne Subvert, a 20-year-old who has only written a handful of other articles for the publication because she “like(s) the perks of free shit.” Indeed, the motives behind many of the writers who spew alacrity the way Daria spews one-liners have been called into question. Are they doing it because they care, or because they know the restaurant or bar they’re reviewing will probably comp their tab for a glowing report?

Bushwick Daily isn't worried that there's already a Brooklyn Bugle

Bushwick Daily isn’t worried that there’s already a Brooklyn Bugle

Not wanting to rock the boat further than they already have, Bushwick Daily immediately took action by changing their name and their typeface. Although there already exists a The Brooklyn Bugle, the Bushwick website is not concerned about causing confusion, as blending in is the entire point.

Written by Genna Rivieccio, dead woman walking