Bushwick Housing Trend: Trailer Trash

August 5, 2014 Comments Off on Bushwick Housing Trend: Trailer Trash 727 Real Estate

With real estate being what it is in Bushwick (a.k.a. overpriced bull shit for a complete ramshackle), many residents have taken a new approach to remaining in the neighborhood. Instead of allowing the “hotness” (to loosely quote Janis Ian) of the area to price them out, Bushwickians have begun to buy trailers with “their money” and park them on some of the most expensive blocks (e.g. Grattan Street, Morgan Avenue, etc.) in order to take back their real estate.

Transyent's trailer is often parked in front of 1 Knickerbocker

Transyent’s trailer is often parked in front of 1 Knickerbocker

One trailer denizen, Hank Transyent, a 26-year-old barista who recently placed second in a national latte art competition, told The Burning Bush, “I have no idea why I haven’t been doing this all along. You’d have to be a complete mongo to pay rent in Bushwick.” Other costs are paid for a life of cheap living, however, as Rebecca Underling was all too happy to share. “My boyfriend was driving us to Flushing Avenue to park there for awhile and he got in an accident while I was, um, relieving myself. The stench was on me for weeks and I was too ashamed to go to any bars.” Hygiene, indeed, has never been a Bushwick strength, and this new trend is certainly fortifying the stereotype, not to mention invoking an altogether different definition of what it means to be trailer trash (chiefly, you have to be somewhat rich in order to buy a trailer in this town).

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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