Bushwick Man Starts Ironic Haiku Instagram, Falls Into K-Hole of Irony

June 9, 2015 1 593 Art

You know the type: the guy who would never deign to get an Instagram unless it was a joke. Well, the latest Bushwick resident to do so is none other than Gabe Shuang, a 29-year-old librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library on Buhswick and Dekalb Avenue.

Gabe Shuang delights in his cleverness

Gabe Shuang delights in his cleverness

Because Shuang deals in tangible card cataloging all day, he’s always felt that he’s been above common social media apps like Snapchat, Twitter and, of course, Instagram. “I dabble in the real world,” balked Shuang. But when one of his friends dared him to download the app while he was on a hybrid ecstasy/heroin drug called XOin, Shuang relented.

One of Shuang's most popular Instas

One of Shuang’s most popular Instas

“After I realized that I downloaded it about three days later when I was sober again, I decided I should at least turn my sin into art.” That art can be found at the Instagram handle @Hipster_Highkus. There, you will find such @satiregram-inspired gems as “Craft beer saved my life/PBR you’re a scoundrel/But I still down ya.” Shuang posts approximately twenty times a day for fear of losing relevancy. And, most importantly, he always follows back.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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