Bushwick Men’s Bodies on Display in New “Sexy” Calendar Causes Mass Vomiting

November 11, 2014 2 2213 Art, News

Bushwick is not the place to unearth a smooth, oil-slicked muscular male physique. If you want that sort of thing, hang out in Murray Hill. And while it’s true that Bushwick is to hairy men what Smith College is to hairy women, it doesn’t mean that one actually wants to see it–or is prepared to when the occasion arises.

Turn to March in your calendar for this tasty delight

Turn to March in your calendar for this tasty delight

Thus, a new “sexy” calendar called Schlubs of the Shwick has not only raised some eyebrows, but also induced some gag reflexes as well (that’s why you’ve been seeing so much additional throw up on the sidewalks–it’s not all thanks to standard hangovers anymore). The creator of the calendar, Zadie Equalist, a 22-year-old photography student at Pratt, decided to make the 15-page (there’s some 2014 pages for good measure) vomit fest as a reaction to what she views as pervasive misogyny in the calendar world.¬†

Here's Mr. July, a barista at Strangeways

Here’s Mr. July, a barista at Strangeways

“Why is it always Barbie-like big-titted women who have calendars made in their honor? Huh? It’s about time we exploit men’s bodies for a change. And I figured there’s no better demographic to make feel shame about their aesthetic than the beer-gutted males of Bushwick. This is my vengeance.” Most of the shots Equalist took are candid, clandestine ones of unwitting males in their bathroom. Turn each page at your own risk. Schlubs of the Shwick is on sale at participating tattoo shops throughout the neighborhood for $39.95.

Written by Genna Rivieccio