Bushwick Movie Banned From Being Screened in Bushwick

August 9, 2017 Comments Off on Bushwick Movie Banned From Being Screened in Bushwick 397 Film

When you ask yourself: how much more “mainstream underground” can Bushwick get at this point? The answer comes in the form of a new action/thriller/apocalyptic movie called, aptly, Bushwick. To be fair, of all places, if there’s going to be a dystopian aftermath pertaining to Texas’ secession from the Union (even though, in real life, Bushwick itself has already separated from the U.S.), the ideal tableau to deal with it is Bushwick.

The only movie theater in Bushwick will not be screening Bushwick

There’s just one problem with the “Hollywood” rendering of the neighborhood to most of the people who live in it: it stars a white girl with a supporting cast of token brown people. That being said, Bushwick, in spite of how gentrified it gets, has never been one for letting go so easily of its roots (see: the burning of Fortress 1492). So of course, the true locals of the area have rallied together to prevent any screenings whatsoever at the only movie theater that exists here, Syndicated.

Still from the offending movie

“What’s whiter than going to your grandma’s house, for one thing? That’s like the key premise of the fuckin’ movie. We don’t need to see another Little Red Riding Hood situation after that Kristen Stewart shit,” seethed the organizer at the helm of the Committee to Ban Bushwick From Being Screened in Bushwick, Lorenzo Originale, a 42-year-old cinephile and longtime resident of the neighborhood. And though Syndicated is aware of the money it’s going to lose from not screening the movie on DVD, it’s already caused too much offense in the past not to oblige the ardent requests of its patrons.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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