Bushwick Parodies Fashion Week with Bushwick Fashion Weekend

September 8, 2014 2 1978 Fashion

As any fashionable person knows, Fashion Week has long been overThat’s why Bushwickians–renowned for their tattered, “vintage” clothing–decided to take things to the extreme starting September 5-7 with Bushwick Fashion Weekend. For this year’s edition, the event organizer, Sarto Rial, a half-Italian 23-year-old from Long Island, wanted to one-up the real Fashion Week by being as bombastic and over the top as possible. 

Rocking a trash bag

Rocking a trash bag

The Burning Bush could barely get Rial to focus on answering our questions as he proceeded to load a cannonball with a mound of recycled clothes from Vice Versa. In between lodging giant knitting needles into mannequins’ stomachs (we weren’t totally sure if this was a pro or anti abortion statement) and sewing rat tails onto the dress of one of his models, Rial was barely able to form the sentence, “We want to subvert what Fashion Week is all about. They think they’re chic? Well, we’re going to show them how chic the anti-chic can be.”

Rial also culled inspiration from the Season 5 episode of I Love Lucy, "Lucy Gets a Paris Gown"

Rial also culled inspiration from the Season 5 episode of I Love Lucy, “Lucy Gets a Paris Gown”

Instead of holding the “ceremony” in the Living Gallery as they normally do, Rial opted to take his show to the runway that is Maria Hernandez Park. “What better place to showcase the decay of fashion?” added Rial. Undeniably, the sight of disheveled, wayward models wearing various patches of fabric strung together to form garments possessed a tinge of degeneration. But overall, it seemed the parody turned more into an all-out mimicry of Fashion Week as photographers from Vogue showed up to capture the event and a song by Zebra Katz played on a loop for the duration of the show

Written by Genna Rivieccio