Bushwick Parody on SNL Parodies Bushwick Being Over, Makes It More Over

January 19, 2015 1 872 News

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when Bushwick became officially “over.” Was it when Zosia Mamet moved into the neighborhood? Was it when Anna Wintour name checked it in Vogue? Or was it when Williamsburg became so out it was in and Bushwick became so in it was out? One can’t be truly certain. But it’s possible that the final nail in the now gold-enameled as opposed to Pine Box coffin is secured: Bushwick being parodied on Saturday Night Live.

As three seemingly ghettoto¬†friends (Kenan Thompson, Kevin Hart and Jay Pharoah) discuss the goings-on in the neighborhood, we flash to gentrification staples like an overpriced mayonnaise store called Martha’s Mayonnaise (though The Burning Bush is sure it has nothing on Altered Imagez) and Kevin Hart walking a flurry of dogs after he says, “I got like ten bitches. My dog walkin’ business is bumpin’.”

Martha's Mayonnaise, a part of the Bushwick artisanal life

Martha’s Mayonnaise, a part of the Bushwick artisanal life

The lampooning doesn’t stop there as Kenan asks Jay, “Yo how was that party?” to which Jay answers, “We was drinkin’ wine, we was paintin’ landscapes.” More cliches on whiteness (let’s also note that the scene was shot off the whitest stop in Bushwick, Jefferson Street) are bandied as Kenan insults, “You actin’ like someone put gluten in yo muffin or somethin’.” The sketch veers momentarily back to the once presumed seediness of Bushwick with Kevin suspiciously questioning, “Who dat, who dat?” Kenan assures, “Ah that’s just Kareem and his life partner.” And so Bushwick is now a huge, glaring blemish on the once neutrally blemished face of Brooklyn, even outshining the likes of Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Park Slope in its overness.

Written by Genna Rivieccio


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