Bushwick Woman Injured After Mistaking Construction Site For Art Installation

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A Bushwick woman was hospitalized yesterday afternoon, suffering injuries sustained at a construction site on Wyckoff Avenue. Twenty-nine year old Mildred Muddle says that she confused the authorized personnel only construction site for one of Bushwick’s several art installations.


“It was an honest mistake,” said Muddle as she laid between scratchy hospital sheets at Woodhull Medical Center. “I was trying to find my friend’s art installation and apparently ended up in the wrong place, but I didn’t notice until it was too late. I thought the “art” seemed somewhat peculiar, but I kept an open mind, naively allowing myself to assume that she had taken a more industrial approach to her work.”

Just the beginning of Mildred's long road to recovery.

Just the beginning of Mildred’s long road to recovery.

Muddle spent a full fifteen minutes analyzing and contemplating different objects in the rubble when one of those said objects (a tractor) plowed over her, leaving her with a fractured pelvis and several other broken bones. “She’s lucky to be alive,” says Butch Hanks, the construction worker who was operating the tractor that injured Muddle. “I just hope that she’s learned her lesson. Construction sites aren’t playgrounds and they’re intended for the use of authorized personnel only.” Mildred Muddle has been slapped with a $500 fine for violating city regulations which prohibit trespassing in hard hat areas. The construction is said to be for yet another brand new luxury hotel, opening Spring 2016.

Written by Nicole Benson

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