Bushwickian Fashion Trend: Allover Macaulay Culkin Prints

September 14, 2014 5 1776 Fashion

Bushwick fashion trends come and go as frequently as Britney Spears’ boyfriends, but each new one holds the potential promise of permanence. The latest to follow raiding your grandparents’ clothes off their body, using the L train as a mobile closet and owning an ocelot as an accessory is allover Macaulay Culkin prints. Whether this comes in the form of sweatshirts, tees, dresses or pants is a matter of taste, and, of course, season.

Macaulay Culkin chic

Macaulay Culkin chic

With the fall upon us, it’s only natural that any Bushwickian worth their weight in closet contents would stock up on scarves, hats, jackets and printed denim jeans all featuring Culkin’s mischievous mug upon them. Verily, the fall and winter seasons are bound to be far less drab with the expressive face of the once great child star peppering your wardrobe. So head on down to Beacon & Mary’s Closet to get your fill of this young child’s innocent-looking visage (though you might not want to if you’re a dude, as you’ll just come across as a pedophile with a fetish for child stars who are no longer children). Luckily for guys, The Burning Bush is forecasting the “it” allover print of Spring 2015 to be Rayanne Graff.

Written by Genna Rivieccio