Bushwickian Fashion Trend: Wearing T-Shirts Inside Out

July 20, 2017 Comments Off on Bushwickian Fashion Trend: Wearing T-Shirts Inside Out 234 Fashion

Part embarrassment over the graphics one supports, part “edge,” the recent phenomenon you might have noticed throughout town of Bushwickians wearing their t-shirts inside out (particularly when it’s a band shirt advertising the cliche likes of Nirvana or Guns ‘n’ Roses) is only getting stronger by the day.

The t-shirt trend is also ideal for putting off doing laundry

Shelly Settertrahnd, a 24-year-old from Philadelphia who is the first documented person in Bushwick via the Bushwick Bugle street style section to sport the trend, commented, “Well, to be honest, it just sort of started out as me being lazy about doing my laundry. Only after I started getting positive compliments on it did I realize the fashion potential it had.”

It can even be done with fashion tops!

Like stumbling upon the cutout nipple trend the way Regina George did in Mean Girls,¬†Settertrahnd has incited a runaway train that can’t be stopped–so much so that the likes of Friends and Norma Core are dressing their mannequins with inside out t-shirts. The lead mannequin stylist at Norma Core, Evan Escent, admitted, “Yes, we’re buying in to the style. At least until gray thermal knitwear comes back for winter.” Until then, let your shirt be as inside out/turned upside down as your liver.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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