Bushwickian Millennial Nostalgia Reaches Crescendo With Fat Joe Playing Bushwick Collective Block Party

June 2, 2015 1 518 Music

While Bushwick likes to pretend to be a zygote-friendly neighborhood, the truth is, you’ve got to be at least 25 or over to afford living in this luxury bohemia. With rent prices constantly passing any normal statute of limitations, it’s no wonder that only millennials can pay the rent on time in this area.

Fat Joe with Ashanti back in '02

Fat Joe with Ashanti back in ’02

And with that millennialism comes intense bouts of nostalgia. Particularly for early 00s pop culture that easily allows millennials to date themselves. The latest case in point of this craving for the past is Fat Joe’s upcoming performance at the Bushwick Collective Block Party. Thrown in celebration of Bushwick Open Studios, there is possibly no better choice for appealing to Bushwickians of a certain age.

Fat Joe is likely to give his standard stationary performance at this weekend's block party

Fat Joe is likely to give his standard stationary performance at this weekend’s block party

The coordinator of the event, Maria Passato, a 28-year-old who regularly karaokes “What’s Luv?” at Pine Box, explained, “We knew that Fat Joe was the perfect choice for maintaining the kind of edge people expect of Bushwick, but also the ideal rapper to resonate with millennials who remember his early 00s work so fondly.” Apart from “What’s Luv?,” this includes “Lean Back.” In any case, the turnout for the event is expected to be in the thousands, with outer-Bushwick millennials traveling in droves to catch a glimpse of the Bronx-born emblem of the past.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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