C-Town Bushwick Sells Tampons Behind the Counter to Promote Shame

November 22, 2014 3 964 Local Business, News

In what seems to be a plot to promote shame among non-pregnant women in Bushwick, the C-Town on Flushing Avenue and Beaver Street only sells its small selection of tampons behind the counter, like cigarettes or cough medicine. As if the two choices between Tampax Regular and Tampax Super Plus weren’t infuriating enough, most of the time, no one behind the counter even speaks English, forcing one to gesticulate wildly at the tampon package she wants.

Sometimes you want other options besides regular

Sometimes you want other options besides regular

The Burning Bush spoke to Nadia Femme, a 26-year-old copy editor at an educational textbooks company and regular shopper at C-Town. “I had never needed to buy tampons there before, but it struck me as odd that I couldn’t find them in the aisle with the cleaning supplies or whatever. It was when I got to the counter that I saw them hidden discreetly on the bottom shelf, and knew that I was going to have to publicly humiliate myself in front of everyone in line behind me by asking for them.”

More like anti-"C" town

More like anti-“C” town

Femme is just one of many females in the Bushwick area who has had to shame herself in order to bleed out her womanhood on a monthly basis. Considering that the only other place to score tampons is Brooklyn’s Natural (which overcharges as though they’re selling organic tampons), an establishment that also sells their stash behind the counter, it begs the question: Does Bushwick hate women who aren’t pregnant? Indeed, this could explain the increasing surfeit of children cropping up in the neighborhood. When The Burning Bush attempted to contact the manager of C-Town, a bloody pad was subsequently left on the doorstep of our “offices.” We don’t think this was a coincidence.

Written by Genna Rivieccio