Cake Shop Might Move to Scotland Because “They’re More Tone Deaf”

April 14, 2017 Comments Off on Cake Shop Might Move to Scotland Because “They’re More Tone Deaf” 354 Music

Cake Shop, briefly at war with Bake Shop for driving business away from it (and probably for its foresight in getting in on the sploshing trend), has decided to throw in the towel completely on any attempts at reopening in New York in favor of a move to Scotland.

Now closed–until Scotland

The new owners of the establishment, Timmy Trainspotting and Argus Ewan, two transplants from Scotland (kind of like Alan Cumming) who want to move back because of the usual excuse about New York being over, told The Burning Bush, “The truth is, it’s not just that Scotland is cheaper to run a music venue in, but it’s also that, well, Scottish people are just slightly more tone deaf and accepting of whatever questionable band we might book.”

Case in point of tone deafness: the bagpipe’

While there’s no word yet on if all the bands booked will be required to have a bagpipe player in their group, it’s likely that Cake Shop’s official move will be at the end of June, just in time to capitalize on the tourism that tends to hit Glasgow in the summer. So get to Cake Shop Scotland while it remains because, as the Scottish say, “You’re a long time deid.”

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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