Citizens Go Bankrupt As They Try to Keep Up With the High Cost of Alcohol

August 12, 2014 Comments Off on Citizens Go Bankrupt As They Try to Keep Up With the High Cost of Alcohol 767 Bars, Gentrification, Local Business

It’s long been a challenge for Bushwickians to block out enough money in their budget to keep up with the heavy drinking demands required to live in the neighborhood. The rates of inflation have, obviously, not kept up with the wages of a barista/performance artist. The latest price hike, $299 for one can of beer, set a new precedent for the ever increasing cost of being an alcoholic.

The latest cost of beer? $299.

The latest cost of beer? $299.

This previously unheard of price of beer was established by every social retard’s favorite concept bar, VOID. The owner of the bar, Tres Antisocial, defended his price point by telling The Burning Bush, “Do you know how much overhead there is to keep a bar with such an esoteric concept open?” Some of the richer denizens of Bushwick are fine with the higher rates it’s going to take to stay wasted all night, but the lower classes of the neighborhood are organizing a protest/moratorium on drinking at public places. Fantasia Povertee, the person responsible for spearheading the protest, stated, “This has got to stop. How can anyone expect us to stay drunk at these prices? I got kids to feed, you know.” For those who wish to join Povertee in her campaign to lower alcohol prices, a march down Bogart Street will take place this Saturday at 12 p.m.

Written by Genna Rivieccio 

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