Closing Time: Liquor Licenses Being Arbitrarily Revoked Throughout Bushwick

June 25, 2014 1 872 Bars, bars in bushwick, Gentrification, Local Business

It seems as though the closing of Wreck Room has signaled some sort of ban on good times altogether. A recent initiative from the district manager, Eileen Antifun, has set its sights on not only preventing liquor license approval for new bars, but also randomly revoking the licenses of any bars discovered to be in violation of the law.

A paucity of bar choices means a higher chance of repeat one night stands

A paucity of bar choices means a higher chance of repeat one night stands

Antifun began the campaign about a year ago, around the time when bars like Heavy Woods and Miles made their way into the neighborhood (though both places are extremely bougie, and should not be considered a potential threat to anyone’s bedtime). The Burning Bush tried to contact one of her representatives for a comment, but were met with a prompt dial tone after being told to attend our local AA chapter for help. That’s when we approached Three Diamond Door bar owner, Sol Partee, to get his take on the impending crackdown.

Partee stated, “On the one hand, it’s great for the already established bars in the neighborhood. It eliminates the competition. But on the other, I hate carding people. Why do I want to be the asshole who prevents some underage girl from getting an STD after a bad drunken decision?” As Bushwick becomes less safe for bars and more friendly toward people with babies, where will the population go to find solace and escape from their paid for existence?

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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