Clown College, The Honker, Coming to Bushwick

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With acrobats led by Svevo Sansos mistaking Bushwick for one mondo circus, the latest wave in performance spectacles, The Honker, a clown college specializing in training serious clowns, seems like a natural fit for the area.

Everyone loves an artistic clown--in Bushwick

Everyone loves an artistic clown–in Bushwick

With Sansos focusing on his rival acrobat company, The Alcoholic Acrobat Association, a power vacuum has been created allowing for any performance troupe to take control over the title of most prestigious freak show (even though this is difficult to achieve with Bizarre constantly trying to lay claim to this appellation). Gary Garrulous, the founder of The Honker, which will be opening on Wilson and Willoughby stated, “Let these acrobats with their weird bodies and ugly faces that we’re not supposed to notice because of how great and flexible their bodies are fight it out. It leaves more room for serious artists like my clown students.”

The Honker is a serious college for serious clowns

The Honker is a serious college for serious clowns

Select classes at The Honker will include courses like, Marcel Marceau: The Art of Moodiness, Jean-Paul Sartre for Beginner Clowns, How Not to Be Like Lucille Ball and Loneliness is the Best Medicine for Artists. To get a diploma, students must undergo the year-long course schedule without once cracking a smile. Fee for enrollment is $25,000, but you’ll get into all the best open mic nights upon graduating. Unhappy competing!

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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