Commercialism Threatens Bushwick Collective’s Jefferson Prestige

July 3, 2015 4 654 Uncategorized

As if Zerococks’ ire against Bushwick Collective wasn’t enough to fuck with their reign over graffiti off the Jefferson stop, now corporations like AT&T and Converse are ousting them with their tantalizing paychecks to building tenants¬†looking to cut down on the cost of their rent.

Just one of the many ads threatening Bushwick's graffiti prestige

Just one of the many ads threatening Bushwick’s graffiti prestige

The lead graffiti artist of the collective, Reasley Ornamental, a 39-year-old who often does freelance graphic design work to pick up extra cash for his spray paint materials, seethed, “What these companies are doing–grafting our culture for their own profit–is unacceptable. And any business that accepts their financial offer for short-term gain is a piece of shit.”

AT&T ads amid graffiti

AT&T ads amid graffiti

Such a gauntlet-throwing statement has got many Jefferson establishments up in arms, including House of Maybe, which agreed to lease out the side of their wall as Converse’s own personal advertising playground. Mickey Nimaj, one of the co-curators of the space, lambasted what she sees as Ornamental’s narrow-mindedness by stating, “Sorry Ornamental, some of us have bills to pay–and they need to be paid now.” And so with the old adage “Money talks” at play throughout Bushwick, it’s likely the Timeswick vibes of Morgan Avenue will soon spread.

Written by Genna Rivieccio