Commodore II Dance Floor Channels Former Tandem

October 19, 2017 Comments Off on Commodore II Dance Floor Channels Former Tandem 199 Bars

Those who have been in Bushwick long enough have seen an amount of changes too sobering to keep track of, one of them being the transformation of Tandem into a Britney Spears metal bar followed by the ill-fitting Mad Tropical. But for those briefly saddened by the establishment’s closure, a natural substitute has been Commodore II–that is, when the karaoke DJ hasn’t invisibly taken center stage.

The look

“I used to go to Tandem all the time,” commented Jose Guitierrez, a 44-year-old who didn’t get the memo about the age cutoff in this town, a glorified college dorm. “But Commodore II has made me feel like that bar never closed. Plus, you can believe anything if you tell yourself the lie repeatedly. And I like to tell myself that I’m actually at Tandem when I’m on that dance floor and that, like, almost ten years haven’t passed and I’m in the same exact place emotionally and geographically.”

Smoke gets in your eyes–enough to make you think you’re in Tandem

Those too young and freshly transplanted don’t understand the legacy of Tandem to comprehend the importance of this unwitting aesthetic homage were nonplussed when The Burning Bush called out the similarities to them. One zygote, Katie Rose Lamo, a 23-year-old who moved to Bushwick three months ago, simply blinked at us and returned, “I don’t know her.” Well, at least she managed to be aware of that reference if not the Tandem one.

Written by Genna Rivieccio


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