Commodore II Karaoke DJ Models Himself After Wizard of Oz

October 19, 2017 Comments Off on Commodore II Karaoke DJ Models Himself After Wizard of Oz 182 News

If you’ve ever delighted in Commodore II‘s Karaoke Safari, then you’ve noticed not only the brilliant use of colored lights intermixed with smoke machines, but also the fact that the man in control of the music is utterly unseeable behind the booth.

Every Tuesday, smoke machine or no smoke machine

Luckily for you, The Burning Bush had a chance to pin this man down (literally, because that’s how we conduct most of our interviews–by force) and get a sense of who he really “is.” Donato Domando, the 37-year-old tour de force karaoke DJ you never see through that haze of smoke had only this to say: “I’ve modeled my entire career after the Wizard of Oz.”

Yeah he does

That being said, the mystery Donato shrouds himself in is, in part, why so many flock to Commodore II to get their taste of the spotlight. “I can’t say that part of the draw isn’t wanting to find out more about him,” remarked Anita Lustlove, a 26-year-old who, annoyingly, only sings songs by The Misfits. So Commodore II or whoever pays Donato better play their cards right and give this man a raise. He’s clearly found a gimmick that works.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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