Commonly Overheard in Bushwick: “A Blue Ribbon On Ice, Please”

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Commonly Overheard in Bushwick is an occasional series we write whenever we hear something someone actually said on the streets or in the businesses of Bushwick. This is not to be confused with the Tumblr of a similar name.

With the release of Lana Del Rey’s latest album, Lust for Life, a title in direct contrast to her first, Born to Die, Bushwickians’ own lust (this time not for one-night stands) for the chanteuse has been reinvigorated. Not that it ever really melted away, but now, Del Rey has come to the point where she’s “retro” enough to be especially lauded.

A blue ribbon on ice, please

A blue ribbon on ice, please

That being said, many have turned to purchasing Born to Die on vinyl from Material World on Noll Street. “This Is What Makes Us Girls,” the twelfth track on the album, has seemed to hold particular resonance for Bushwickians, all still searching “for a taste of real life” via, apparently, PBR.

She’s gotta have it

One local Lana and PBR fan, Magdalena Lorena, a 24-year-old from East L.A., explained, “There’s just something so mature about asking for a ‘blue ribbon on ice.’ It’s leaps and bounds above blurting out a desire for PBR, which yeah, Dennis Hopper made kind of acceptable in Blue Velvet–but when Lana says it, well, it’s like who can possibly accuse you of being trashy in your drinking habits? Plus, asking for a Stella sounds too pretentious.”

Written by Genna Rivieccio


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