Commonly Overheard in Bushwick: “‘I’m gonna give you a hickey on your neck’ and I’m all ‘Nope, you just gave me a giant bruise.'”

July 12, 2017 0 87 News, Sexuality

Commonly Overheard in Bushwick is an occasional series we write whenever we hear something someone actually said on the streets or in the businesses of Bushwick. This is not to be confused with the Tumblr of a similar name.

For whatever reason, everything once retro becomes all shiny and new again when people start running out of ideas, especially sexual ones. Hence, the possible reason behind the sudden and apparent resurgence of the hickey in Bushwick. And it isn’t just that, visually, it’s become quite noticeable–whether via Scarlet A-like red marks or the suspicious wearing of turtlenecks in the middle of the summer. It’s also certain exchanges overheard in publique.

The hickey trend is spreading

Like the one between Sarah Nape and two of her friends/roommates (because shouldn’t all roommates be friends?). As they were leaving, somewhat appropriately, Swallow, Sarah replayed what can only be assumed to be a recent incident–based on the freshness of her “wounded” neck–by imitating her probable one-night suitor: “‘I’m gonna give you a hickey on your neck’ and I’m all ‘Nope, you just gave me a giant bruise.'”

Some hickey givers might as well just pummel your neck

And yes, from the looks of it, whoever the hickey giver was clearly needs instruction on how best to gently suck a woman’s neck without making it look like she has some sort of gnarly port wine stain birthmark. With any luck, this is the next thing the Loom might offer in its courses apart from the now somewhat dated hipster conversion class.

Written by Genna Rivieccio

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