Couple Turns Dinner Party Into Award-Winning Play

October 3, 2015 2 496 Art, Theater

For most people living in Bushwick, art imitates life–not the other way around. This is, in part, why one local couple, Silvia Bath and Ed Pewes, have decided to transform a dinner party they had last weekend into a play. The duo is even planning to stage it right in their own apartment, instead of, say, at Bushwick Starr, which is still coasting on a successful run of a musical production of Maria Hernandez’s life.

The "set" is Silvia and Ed's apartment

The “set” is Silvia and Ed’s apartment

“Not only does the apartment lend a more organic feel to the production, but it also allows us to cut back vastly on costs,” noted Ed’s brother, Mark, the stage manager of the play, which is called After the Party. Silvia and Ed, who transcribed the script after replaying the hidden video camera they had installed in order to capture inspiration for projects such as these, put the entire concept together in three days, deciding it would also be best if they played themselves.

More scenes from the "set"

More scenes from the “set”

“You know, it just makes sense. Creatively. No one experienced that dinner party like we did. And they don’t know the heated tension it caused between me and Ed afterward,” said Silvia. Ed added, “Plus I just really like the idea of forcing people out of their comfort zone. It just feels like my purpose in life. Because only after you confront awkwardness can you achieve anything.” After the Party will premiered on September 25th at Ed and Silvia’s apartment, located in Coagulate, and has already won numerous awards, including Best DIY Set Design from the Committee to Make Bushwick a Theater Destination.

Written by Genna Rivieccio