Crack-Like Pizza Comes At A Price

July 18, 2015 4 715 Pizza

Mirroring the backlash experienced by 2 Bros. for the manner in which the company pays its employees, so, too, has Roberta’s revealed itself to be a diabolical force when it comes to furnishing its worker bees with an adequate and fair wage.

Roberta's pizza may tantalize, but it's costing someone else their livelihood

Roberta’s pizza may tantalize, but it’s costing someone else their livelihood

In addition to forcing them to stay mum throughout their shifts as they serve people (it helps with cultivating the snooty factor), Roberta’s management also refuses to pay their servants for overtime hours–which is particularly cruel to the pizzaiolos who must suffer in hellfire-like heat as they remove their masterpieces from the oven.

Suffering pizzaiolo

Suffering pizzaiolo

The first pizzaiolo to stand up for his right to dough of a different kind was Enzo Gunzetti, a 36-year-old who has been working at the establishment for the past five years. “I didn’t know much about labor laws when I first moved here, but I finally became wise to the fact that Roberta’s has not been paying me fairly according to all the overtime I’ve worked. After I get the money they owe me, I’m starting at Paulie Gee’s,” Gunzetti commented. With the other legal embroilments going on at Roberta’s, they’re going to have to get someone else to start slinging a lot more pizza if they want to pay their lawyer’s fees.

Written by Genna Rivieccio