Den of Witchery to Fill Space of Goodbye Blue Monday

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From the dust of the recently fallen haunt, Goodbye Blue Monday, the fog clears to reveal something even more blacked out brewing in its wake than all inclusive open mic nights in a setting which questionably resembles what a serial killer’s basement might look like. A local self-proclaimed link to the occult, Madame Patrice Von Rot, says that she plans to reclaim the space on 1087 Broadway as her own.

Goodbye Blue Monday in the yesteryear.

Goodbye Blue Monday in the yesteryear.

“I can just feel the transcendental energy resonating in the old place. The metaphysical essence circulating is quite strong and I personally feel I would be doing a disservice to everyone in Bushwick and Bed-Stuy alike if I didn’t use it as a headquarters for sharing my many gifts, which mainly consist of tarot and palm reading, necromancy, and the summoning of spirits. Also, I can’t particularly come up with any better of a place to communicate with the dead than a dead bar,” says Madame Patrice Von Rot, age 38.

Madame Patrice Von Rot

Madame Patrice Von Rot, Bushwick’s vessel to the netherworld. (If it really even needs one, anyway.)

“We were left with a few things to decorate with and utilize around the place even after looters came in and sold off a bunch of the Knickknacks. Kings County Saloon was nice enough to donate one of their used sacrificial lambs from their goth night. We went ahead and hung it up on the wall behind the stage.”

1087 Broadway takes an even darker turn...

1087 Broadway takes an even darker turn…

If you think about it, Madame Patrice Von Rot’s services may actually be of service to you, like if you wanted to call up your dead grandparents in purgatory (or hell) to find out where the missing will is. Or, maybe you could really benefit from a little black magic casted the way of the up and coming intern at the ad agency you work at, just to remind her/him of what their place is over at Whatever Inc.

Written by Nicole Benson

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